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Surveillance technology may help reduce theft by providing protection and legal evidence

Most humans appreciate the feeling of safety and security. Feeling secure is necessary to maintain homeostasis. In a situation where fear is a warranted reaction, this can upset the body causing adrenaline to kick in and make a person either go into a flight or fight response. To minimize situations where the outcome is fearful for one’s life or well-being, it is important to make sure all areas of an individual’s life are covered to eliminate the chance that personal security is endangered. This can be done through the use of surveillance technology, safety classes, and researching crime rates where one lives to know what to expect.

There are varying types of surveillance technology. One of the most common types utilized by consumers and businesses is video surveillance, CCTV. This type of technology allows an individual to see what is actually going on by continually having a video camera running and discreetly hidden in some place within their home, office, or other workplace business. This type of surveillance technology is specifically to make sure that no matter what happens, a location is constantly being monitored. This provides peace of mind for those worried about the potential that someone would rob or damage their property in any way. Along with this type of surveillance, it can be good for businesses and banks who always have a large amount of funds in their locations to invest in video surveillance technology. With stores, they may be possibly robbed at any minute, so having video surveillance reduces the chances that a crime will go unpunished. Often, surveillance technology can be utilized in a court of law as evidence for the plaintiff or defendant to utilize against the other party in proving that someone or something that was at a certain place at a certain time and footage shows it. When CCTV surveillance is not in place, it’s difficult to prove that someone actually committed the crime without eye witnesses or forensic investigations.

Although surveillance is supposed to be discrete so that individuals do not immediately notice it, often businesses will have some type of sign up that says “Smile, you’re on camera” to let customers know the business has CCTV cameras set up throughout the location even if the consumer cannot see them. This type of immediate message is often a warning just to let them know that it wouldn’t be wise to commit theft or pursue any other type of crime or damages because the surveillance technology would be utilized as evidence in a court of law. Some businesses don’t tell customers that they’re under surveillance, but sometimes individuals can still see the cameras near the ceiling. Depending on the company, sometimes the cameras are round and in the corner of the ceiling as to mimic a smoke detector for optimum stealth where as other ones are often white or cream and are the stereotypically rectangular box-looking ones that are often shown as moving on television and movies.

Television shows, especially crime-based entertainment, often show investigators going out to businesses and asking for surveillance footage to watch through hours of it in case they have a lead on a crime. This can actually be helpful in real life investigating as well. Not only can surveillance protect against potential crimes, but it can help investigators possibly solve ongoing crimes or catch a criminal by reviewing the footage. They may find someone that resembles the suspect and be able to utilize face recognition technology to put the tape into evidence in the court case.

Along with video surveillance technology, consumers may seek out personal and private security businesses that can help with photographic and written surveillance. This can also help when conducting professional or private investigations. For anyone, personal security should be of a top priority when going about daily life. For businesses, security should also be of utmost importance. For retailers, they should research the benefits of having and utilizing surveillance technology as a means of monitoring loss prevention and reducing theft crimes. As well retailers, aside from utilizing surveillance technology, they may want to take an added benefit of looking into security services. For example, security guards can work alongside surveillance cameras to reduce crime and theft. They may also provide an peace of mind for the consumers entering the business as they see it is safe and protected. Security guards can aid all of the other security efforts a retailer decides to invest in.

When deciding on a security company to select and purchase services from, it is important that the retailer or private person heavily research the company and the technology or services they provide. Many companies provide everything from surveillance technology to bodyguards and event security. These companies can provide excellent services to the client to make sure they are safe, secure, and protected at all times.

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