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Technology today builds foundations for leaders of tomorrow

Even though technology has swept over the planet, slowly but surely disrupting practically every industry in the world, the education industry is one of the few that has held fast against the revolution of technological advancement and digitisation. As time has moved us on, however, it has grown more and more obvious that the education industry is in dire need of a revitalisation – and EdTech is here to help. Apart from the obvious – like the elimination of paper submissions and the introduction of online marking – there have been drastic changes to the education system. These changes include online lectures and tutorial notes and the introduction of open education. The students of today have access to all kinds of innovative evolutions, thanks to education technology (EdTech). Not only can they study their entire programs solely online if they want to, but there is a literal worldwide selection of programs online like essay database systems that give them additional support when they need it most during the calendar school year. Students, families, and educators alike are all coming together to embrace the certain future of education – EdTech.

EdTech has a habit of doing one of two things: sending us speeding forward, or slowing us right down to a snail’s pace. Which of the two ends up happening depends entirely on the day, the circumstances, and the surrounding factors; if those that the technology is catered towards do not accept it, then it cannot succeed. There is only so much that can be done without the support of those the product is aimed towards. Regardless, like it or not, technology is disrupting the education industry more and more often, and the successes are beginning to outweigh the losses – significantly. It is next to impossible for any great revolution to come without its initial hiccups, and EdTech is one of the few recent revolutions to have proven its critics wrong at every twist and turn. For every argument, there has been a definitive answer.

Those that worried that EdTech would eliminate one-on-one student to teacher learning were introduced to online video tutoring sessions – programs that made staying connected with educators easier than even traditional learning platforms. Some people were concerned that EdTech would propel the more technologically-inclined above their peers who excelled in traditional learning methods, but those students picked up the technology faster than the critics could talk – and those that couldn’t were given the help to understand it and the chance to excel at their own pace, giving them more confidence. The logic speaks for itself – EdTech is an asset to the education industry, not a blow to its side. One of the best things that EdTech has done for education is allow, encourage, and build systems and processes that allow for personalisation across the education experience. This innovation is just one example of EdTech being complementary to traditional learning and teaching methods, rather than invasive.

EdTech is evolved at an unprecedented pace, introducing more expansive and more impressive evolutions all the time. Education was one of the last industries to adhere to technological disruption, but it is starting to evolve to become one of the most affected of them all. Rather than playing catch up, education is finally evolving with technology rather than lagging behind it. Education technology has allowed traditional learning and teaching methods to have a modern revitalisation, which has in turn made them more relevant and understandable than they were previously. Outdated methods and models are being updated or replaced when necessary, and students are coming out of their shells and embracing this new education format with open, welcoming arms and the widest of smiles on their faces.

Ultimately, EdTech has given students something they desperately needed: a change of pace that aligned perfectly with the rest of the world they are currently experiencing. Technological advancement is nothing new, but its grasp on those currently in the education system (as well as those that will enter it as part of future generations in learning) has been emboldened by the realisation of the masses that EdTech is not just a shiny new phase, but a force to be reckoned with and a vital asset going forward into this tech-driven era we are on the verge of entering, and transitioning into as we speak.

When it comes to technological advancement, the education industry has developed at a considerable slow pace in comparison to its neighbouring industries. These days, however, education is finally embracing and even encouraging the implementation of EdTech throughout the industry. Across the board, innovations have caused tidal waves, and these tidal waves have left behind stronger currents that are pushing us further and further towards technologically efficient education methods and models. The education system needs this, humanity badly wants this, and technology is providing this. EdTech is a brilliant, life-altering revolution, and it is one that has already proven its worth time and again. The future is uncertain, but it is certainly bright.

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