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Tech will help business thrive, not drive it out of human hands

When one looks at it realistically, every industry in the world is a business. Education is in the business of helping individuals tap into their intellectual potential. Healthcare is in the business of ensuring and protecting our health. Travel is in the business of getting us where we want or need to go, in the most convenient way possible. Authors and movie stars are in the business of entertaining, as are athletes and singers. Engineers and diesel mechanics are in the business of getting the best of the world for us (literally) and getting us from A to B. Security companies and the emergency authorities are in the business of protecting us. IT and coders are in the business of keeping the world moving towards its inevitably digitised future. Politicians are in the business of either making perfectly positioned or questionably calculated decisions on behalf of entire countries. No matter which industry we devote our professional lives to, it all comes back to one key concept – business. Further, technology has been embraced by every single one of these industries (as well as countless more), and for good reason. Simply put, technology must be one of the top – if not the top – priorities for businesses going forward.

Since last year, the biggest trends in technological advancement have been predicted, and this year we are beginning to see them implemented, in real-time, into the business industry. From the seemingly simple innovations in processes like product photography, modern videography, and social media marketing, to the obvious revolutions like data processing and the introduction of entirely remote business models, technological advancement has more than made its presence known in the business industry. With so many wonderful innovations being introduced that make the world of business easier, faster, and more convenient, it is safe to say that the business world is nowhere near reaching the full potential that is technological advancement. It will likely always be playing catch up, but the great thing about that is that there will always be nowhere to go but onward and upward.

The pre-conceived assumption that technologies like AI will send humans out of specific jobs is, frankly, a bit of a joke. To put this misconception into perspective, here’s an example. In the 1880s, refrigerated transport was introduced and a similar concern arose; that the innovation would put more people out of work than solve problems. And yet, time went on and those generations survived and even thrived, as new needs, jobs, and sectors bloomed in the wake of the innovation being implemented. The same thing will happen when technologies like AI begin to disrupt the business industry. as some jobs are inevitably phased out, new ones will fill the workforce gaps. And better yet, lacklustre and time-straining jobs will dissipate, leaving more room for us to invest time and energy into things we genuinely love.

It really is not going to be the horror show that so many people are sensationalising it to be. The proof is in the pudding – we have already made such substantial improvements with the utilisation of technology…and we have only just begun to scrape the barrel of what is possible. Technological evolution has proven how quickly it moves, and there is no sense in refusing to acclimate to meet the future where it is surely heading. This is a topic that has been covered so many times before, and businesses are still not listening.

From implementing AI for consumer markets (tipped to be the biggest and most prolific tech advancement in the near future) to using bots to answer online customer queries and telephone calls (this is already being used by businesses with online branding, and it is only going to explode more as time goes on). This is how the world revolutionises. This is how the world improves. This is where the world is going, and all businesses would do well to jump aboard now.

Every industry in the world is traceable back to the concept of business. No matter which industry one works in, that industry exists and continues to function to serve a purpose and cater to a specific demographic. Technological advancement is the way to make the future more efficient, easier to access and maintain, and faster than ever before, and so it stands to reason that businesses of any and all kinds must get with the program and update. Failure to do so will lead to a misalignment of that business’ values and culture, and where the rest of the world sits. Failure to do so will ultimately result in the failure of the business itself, leading to its destruction. Technology will not take our jobs. Technology will not prove to be a negative for society. Technology can only assist us to a better, smoother world.  

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