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Home technology set to become revolutionary empire

Practically every facet of human society has evolved over time. Now more than ever, the average person craves and demands convenience in all forms. Businesses want to do business with partners and companies of like-minded mentalities and values. Students and parents want ease of access to education. People want to live near places they frequent or like the lifestyle of, and those same people want a vehicle or mode of transport that is the most convenient option for their specific needs. Even the retail industry has been transformed in the wake of advancement. Technology has played a monumental role in the evolution of many – if not all – industries. Arguably the most progressive evolution crafted by human hands, technology in all forms is shaping the world of tomorrow.

Technology seems to be the only concept that draws criticism at every single turn and at every new innovation, so it makes sense that home technology has drawn concerns around its stability, moral integrity, and necessity. And yet, realistically technological advancement has made improvements that cannot be overstated, and has made life easier again and again. We now have surpassed the stage of merely choosing if we use technology; in fact, we are steadily moving towards the stage of positively relying on it. The modern consumer wants and expects technological convenience, and the modern-day home owner is no different. If anything, the home should be the easiest environment in the world to navigate. The home is the one area of our lives that we have complete control in. How it looks, how it feels, how we exist in the space. It is entirely reasonable that our homes should be the most conveniently accessible environment that we exist in.

We have already begun to see home technology innovation take place. Smart televisions make comprehensive and interactive use easier and more accessible than ever. Electric tankless water heater systems are being introduced to the market, systems that make it easier than ever to have clean, ready-to-use water at the ready at all times. Voice assistants search recipes, play music, relay facts, and store information for us. Roomba vacuum cleaners clean the floors for us. And this is only the beginning. The reality is that home technological advancements have only just begun to scrape the surface of their potential. What we are experiencing and seeing now is just a taste of what the future of home technology will provide. But, as with any great innovation in human history, there are critics.

There will always be those that choose not to believe in systems and changes – even if those systems and changes hold the potential to make life infinitely easier. It is the way of the world that everything is challenged in some aspect. Regardless of such critics, however, home technology continues to prove itself to be a reputable and vital stepping stone in the gateway into the future – and it is likely to be not only a stepping stone into that future, but a key player in future innovation. While past and current advances in home technology have divided prospective consumers, the coming waves of home tech will surely revolutionise the home. It is not only new and unseen home technology innovations that are set to make heads spin; the enhancement of home technology designs and concepts that already exist will continue to transpire.

Fully automated bots that not only look up recipes but cook meals and clean up after themselves will almost certainly become a standard feature in the homes of the future. Similarly, we are likely to see the introduction and evolution of house cleaning machines that carry out tasks including washing and drying clothes, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and vacuuming and mopping floors. Fridges are likely to be able to calculate their contents and order groceries at scheduled times, making mundane tasks more convenient than ever before. Systems that run the house, taking care of aspects of the home like temperature, lighting, water and electricity consumption, and natural light exposure will become standard household systems. We will be able to say the name of a film or the name of a music artist, and the home will play it for us. Security systems will evolve exponentially. The future of home technology is exceptionally bright, and the potential is limitless. Home technology is going to be all encompassing, and that is a very exciting prospect.

Technology is shaping the world of tomorrow, with even our very homes becoming more technologically advanced. While the home technology past and present teeters between unnecessary and intriguing for the most part, the coming home technology innovations are set to change the world as we know it. Voice assistants will become fully automated bots, able to cook our meals and clean up after themselves, rather than merely reading out the recipe for us. Just one example in a kaleidoscopic future of entirely transparent and comprehensive home technology, the kitchen bot is merely but a glimpse into the future we are barrelling towards; a future that perfectly encompasses convenience, ease of access, and universal understanding and utilisation. The future is tech-driven. The future is closer than we think.


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