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The rising popularity of the digital nomadic lifestyle

Previous to the last few years, having a job meant that individuals must work from a specified location. While this way of life works for thousands of people, there are those that find it to be less than inspiring. With the dawn of the digital era came new possibilities and opportunities in many aspects of life, including business. Gone are the days that individuals must go to a specific location to work. Instead, people can choose where they work, even working from their own homes if they wish to. Online business has given new life to the industry and it has been at the forefront of most business methods and models since its implementation. Working from a laptop or tablet as opposed to in the same old office every day allows an individual to fuel their soul with inspiration and purpose, rather than a drive to compete with their fellow employees for a desk job that is only marginally different to the one they currently have.

Becoming your own boss means not being afraid to vouch for your ideas and projects. As with any business, the founder must believe in it for it to have any hope of working. However, the stakes of online business are much higher. Online businesses have a virtually endless market, and so online brands that do not bring in consumers generally fail quite quickly. Online businesses have no limits when it comes to the potential for consumer outreach. With a limitless consumer base, online brands have no shortage of potential for impact, and as such they must deliver and bring in money to remain worthwhile. In this way, running an online business requires more than the standard 9 to 5 working schedule. Entrepreneurs that are instigating online companies often work late into the night and are up early each morning, putting in 110% to ensure that their business is operating at adequate capacity.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a profound impact on the business sector, with thirty billion ‘connected devices’ expected to be in operation around the world by 2020. Online businesses can track inventory using IoT, effectively keeping records of all raw materials, moving components, and polished products. Having a business run efficiently is vital in this day and age, and not only does it bode well for your online business, but it also increases cost savings. Online businesses that utilise IoT can provide their consumers with a better, smoother customer service experience while simultaneously keeping production quality consistent and high quality.

Creating an online business and revolutionising it into a fully functioning empire takes time and consistent effort but it also allows for the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world (as long as there is a solid internet connection). The ability to work from anywhere in the world is drawing in more and more people, and so the competitiveness of working as a digital nomad is amping up too. For every business idea, there are ten people that have had a similar, if not the same, thought. The only advantage that anyone has over anyone else is their determination to bring the idea to life. When one starts an online business, they can do it entirely from their laptop without having to have set up a physical location. The downfall to going into business remotely is that sometimes it is difficult to draw a line in the sand and know when to pull back. Starting an online business requires the entrepreneur to invest time and money into the concept until (and after) it becomes a strong business model, but taking on so much on one’s own often leads to burning out and inevitable struggle. Investing in the help of a reputable SEO company can take an online business from one height to the next, allowing the business to flourish and go from strength to strength with easy and increased velocity.

Online business has opened a world of opportunities and given people the chance to forge a career entirely on their own terms, rather than in alignment with the terms and conditions of the business they work for. Running one’s own business gives an individual the opportunity to create a career around their life, rather than fitting in their life around their career. Becoming a digital nomad gives people geographical freedom as well as career independence, allowing them to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle in which they are genuinely happy as opposed to going through the motions. Whether one is working from the comfort of their own home or on a beach in Southeast Asia, they can effectively run their entire business from their laptops. Working online is increasingly becoming the way that more and more business owners choose to operate, and for good reason – with all the tools and digital strategies that online business has to offer, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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