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The Rise of Private Tutors

While private tutoring was once considered as an optional service and even a luxury, additional after school tutoring has become more prominent throughout the years. Students from around the world are still actively competing to get into the best universities, while in other countries including the United States and Australia, students are struggling in specific areas such as math and science. Hiring an English, science or maths tutor can help struggling students achieve their academic successes and mentor them in their personal achievements.

The real question is – can one make a living as a tutor and how competitive is the market? Private tutoring is a gateway into the education industry, whereas some tutors have gone on to make millions.

Private tutoring services differ depending on the subject matter and of course, the country. While a tutor in the United States has proven to make $1,250 an hour, the tutor’s target and niche were wealthy clients who were able to afford his services. Although making a thousand dollars may seem out of reach, partnering up with a tutoring company can help potential tutors get started in the education field. Depending on the subject level, private tutors can charge different ranges. In the United States, private tutors often charge between $15 – $40 an hour whereas private tutors in Australia charge about $30 an hour.  It all comes down to choosing a subject and level.

Maths is a tricky subject, which is no mystery how Chinese business owner, Zhang Bangxin made billions by starting his business TAL Education Group and tapping into the private education niche. Liu Yachao was hired as the first maths tutor for the company and now holds 4.7 percent stake making the former maths teacher a billionaire. The complex subject has many students struggling in Australia putting them behind the rest of the world when it comes to mathematics and science, but the U.S. isn’t too far up ahead; in the state of New York, over 11,000 high school students failed the Regents Common Core Algebra compared to the students who had taken the test in 2014.

Entering the maths niche is one of the easiest ways to start a career or job as a private tutor. An average high school student will cover different levels including Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus that can be quite difficult and where they may need additional assistance; others will look into services to assist in passing university exams, standardized tests, and sometimes job requirements. Depending on the student’s placement and needs, there are many ways to monetize in subject and it is constantly in demand.

Aside from maths tutors, foreign language instructors are also in high demand, especially on a global scale. In China, parents are willing to spend $750 for 48 online English courses so their four-year-olds can begin learning at an early age from a certified instructor. Parents in Asia prioritize English tutoring services with hopes that their child will have better job opportunities in the future.

While learning English is common amongst online teaching platforms, some tutoring services offer one-on-one assistance in learning other foreign languages including Spanish and Japanese. Learning a foreign language is now a requirement for many high school curriculums worldwide and can be a gateway into the tutoring industry.

Although online tutoring sessions are frequent in this day in age, there are benefits in establishing a personal one-one-on connection with the students through private tutoring. One-on-one sessions allows the child to be fully engaged in the material whereas an online tutor may not always be aware of what is going on behind the screen. Of course, depending on the student’s natural learning habits, different students will thrive in situations they feel the most comfortable. Kids are often times surrounded by 20+ students in a classroom setting and don’t receive the quality one-on-one interaction that is needed, That’s where tutors come in, focusing on the student’s weakness and work pace.

Many perks come from becoming a tutor in addition to creating a residual income. Since tutors work closely with the students, he or she can help guide and mentor these individuals to achieve personal and educational goals. . While some students may feel overwhelmed when learning a difficult subject amongst their peers, a tutor can help guide the student in the subject while at the same time raising their confidence.  

In order to see progress, momentum must be made. Working with a student once a week is highly suggested while the most important thing is identifying the student’s weakness. Tutors in math, science, and foreign languages are always in demand and hiring a private tutor may be the solution to help kids thrive and succeed.

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