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Social media: the newest modern marketing tool

You would be hard pressed to find a person that has not been touched by social media these days – even the individuals that do not have accounts themselves get information or connection through their loved ones having accounts and platforms for communication. Social media is a powerful concept – and not just for personal reasons. More and more often, businesses are using social media as a viable marketing tool. It has the power to expand exposure, reputation, and revenue. The businesses of today are realizing this and are beginning to use it to their advantage. Success and longevity in business are no longer centralised around simply having a presence, but rely on consistency and engagement to flourish beyond the initial stages of success.

Social media marketing has completely changed the way that businesses operate, and it has done so in the most positive, uplifting way possible. Brands are no longer limited by their on-location stores or their websites. They can now invest in social media marketing to reach out to prospective consumers that are outside of their usual point of contact. Every day, new technologies and applications are developed in competition to the vastly popular techs and apps that are already on the market. With so much movement and innovation constantly changing the world, social media is embedded into the lives of practically everyone.

Statistical analysis can be quite an innovating tool to help social media analysis in developing a successful social marketing model. The problem with traditional marketing methods in today’s tech-driven society is quite simple. On-location stores have an extremely limited reach in that they physically cannot be moved very far, save for pop up stores or entirely moving buildings. Brand websites function differently, but are still subject to exposure. It is difficult to narrow down to your specific online brand unless you type in its name, and even then, it is not always easy. The most effective marketing strategy in today’s tech-driven universe is social media marketing. There are no two ways about it – in a world that thrives on digitization and open communication, social media is the ultimate marketing tool.

Social media marketing cannot be successful without one very important realization: it takes time. As online networking gains traction, the reach and influence of social media is so important because it is social media where the most engagement, persuasion, and interaction generally seems to take place in this digitized era. It is not as simple as merely logging in, creating a general status, and logging out for the week. Social media marketing demands that businesses are open and honest with their consumers. The general function of social media is that users can communicate instantaneously, and businesses that legitimately do communicate and engage with their consumers – whether it be comments, messages, upcoming product line releases, or sales events – put themselves in the extremely advantageous position of cementing their reputation as a brand that genuinely cares about their consumers and what they want from the business.

One of the biggest previous struggles that businesses were plagued with was consumer engagement. It used to be quite difficult – save for going into the on-location store – to get in contact with the brains behind the business. While it still can be difficult to get in contact with the face behind the business, there is now an entire team dedicated to consumer outreach via social media marketing and website emailing. Consumers are no longer having to wait frustratingly long periods of time before hearing back from a business, and they are no longer getting semi-acceptable responses. Social media marketing has taken a really big problem in businesses and created a digital platform that allows both the business and its consumers to be honest, open, and upfront. The level of public awareness that social media marketing provides also ensures a level of accountability that cannot be ignored. Before, companies could ignore the angry letters from their consumers, but now if they ignore them, they end up with furious comments on their business pages, bad reviews, and loss of consumer loyalty. Obviously, none of these negatives are advisable, and businesses are going above and beyond to improve their downfalls.

Social media marketing has given businesses a new lease on life. Providing online brands with the opportunity for increased exposure gives social media platforms a marketing edge that has never been explored. In using social media marketing, businesses can build on their on-location and website presence by engaging and listening to their consumers – both prospective and existing. It is easy to say that social media marketing is the “easy way out” of a tough spot for one’s business, but the reality is that social media marketing is one of the most time-consuming marketing methods of its time (perhaps in marketing history). Social media marketing requires constant effort and attention, and businesses that opt to invest in social media marketing ensure not only their connection with their consumers, but their commitment to improving and expanding their business.

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