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The correlation between second languages and opportunities

In a world where international communication and connection are increasing all the time, it is little wonder that more and more people around the world are showing interest in learning a second language. English is one of the most difficult languages for people that are not native to English-speaking countries to learn, because of its unique tongue and spelling. What seems like such a simple language to us natives is quite a difficult one for people native to other languages to grasp. English is increasingly becoming the most common language for individuals to learn, meaning that more schools and tutoring programs are offering English courses and certificates. The barrier with learning a second language is not so much understanding the language, but the fact that we each have our native language ingrained in us from the moment we are conceived. Learning a second language is not an easy task, but with more and more educational facilities and programs being tailored specifically to learning new languages, there is more support and encouragement to do so than ever before. In a world that is becoming more and more focused on international communication, having a second language under one’s belt can only be an advantage. The English-speaking world is one of the most monumental, and so English as a language has become one of the most popular second languages to learn.

Language and words are powerful. The way that words can influence and alienate people puts those that can command more than one language have exceptional potential for influence. In schools today – and for a long time – the primary goal is to teach young people well enough that they can compete or stay in alignment with those around them once they graduate and enter the real world. The most effective way to exercise the power of language is to be well-read and willing to step outside of the norm – read the most prestigious and famous texts ever written, write to collect and express thoughts, practice a second language to expand your horizons. Literature from some of the world’s most famous and well-written authors has proven time and time again to be one of the most valuable resources for individuals trying to learn the English language (this is obviously true across all languages). To learn and be able to maintain any kind of knowledge, students must be open and understood. It is for this reason that educators are so vitally important to the futures of not only students that are native to English-speaking countries, but students that are willing to branch out and make English their second language.

In English-speaking countries, children are raised and educated to speak the English language form an early age. Even so, with the language being a difficult one by nature to master, some children learn it at a slower pace. Each student learns differently, and the role of an educator is never simply to teach. There are many hats that are required as part of the wardrobe of a teacher – in any profession. As far as language education goes, private tutoring is considered among the best platforms for students – both younger and older – to hone their ability to learn and maintain the English language. English schools and tutoring organisations are funding using those funds to support the disadvantaged students in their studies. The rising number of both primary and secondary state schools in England alone are paying tuition firms hundreds and hundreds of pounds for additional assistance with students aiming to command the language.

And it is not just English-speaking students that are working hard to understand the intricacies of the English language, focusing hard on their English education to master it in full. All over the world, students from different backgrounds are choosing to study English as their second language because of the increasing popularity of the language the world over. In countries like China, parents are encouraging their children to learn English in the hopes that having command of the language will provide their children with more global understanding and opportunities. Parents are investing in English tutoring from certified instructors (often remotely via live video) to prepare and provide their children with the ability, tools, and skills to develop and maintain an acute affinity for the English language.

The English language is gaining more and more popularity as people from all over the world choose it as their second language to their native one. Learning a new language is one of the most difficult things that an individual can learn because their native language acts as a kind of barrier – all the pronunciation and wording that we are familiar with is in relation to the language that we speak every day, and so new languages take a while to ascertain to. As the desire for people to learn English grows, the demand for tutors that can teach them the language increases as well. Education is a powerful thing and having an extra language and accompanying vocabulary puts individuals in a very advantageous position.

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