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Blogging your way to fame and fortune

By 2020, it’s expected that there will be over 31.7 million bloggers worldwide. Seeing as some blogs earn six to seven figures, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. There is no limit to how large your blog can grow, meaning that fame and earnings are also infinite. It costs very little to begin blogging and in most case, it’s even free.

All you need to begin is a topic you’d like to focus on. Ease of customizing on a platform like WordPress make starting a blog easy and many choose to purchase their own domains rather than relying on a free platform as it is reflective of how seriously one takes blogging. 

  • Write high quality content

One of Google’s biggest ranking factors is high quality content. They only want to provide the best articles for their users. If you rank higher in search engines, you get more traffic which grows your following and potential earnings.

The number one focus when blogging should be to answer the questions your readers have about any given topic. Research into their pain points and provide solutions. It’s been proven that long form content in the excess of 2,000 words tends to rank higher, too. Take the time to craft lengthy blog posts that include images, graphics, and plenty of data.

Ensure that it’s properly formatted with header tags, lists, bullet points, and short paragraphs. A blog isn’t a newspaper, so you want to avoid long paragraphs that are difficult to read. Keeping your posts formatted makes skimming easier so readers can find exactly what they want.

  • Promote your blog posts

After you’ve published your blog post, the readers will just pour in, right? Wrong. You need to spend time promoting your blog post to generate views. The first way to do so is through social media. Sign up for accounts on major networks like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Share your blog posts every time you write them and engage with the community.

It’s also wise to spend time perfecting your search engine optimization. 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search. This will bring in a steady trickle of users to every blog post and is a passive form of promotion. One of your priorities should be to research keywords using Google’s Keyword Planner and implement them into your content.

Similarly, sharing your content among other website owners will achieve two things. Firstly, it will drive valuable traffic and expand how many people are aware of your website. Secondly, it earns you a backlink, which improves your SEO.

Content syndication websites like Reddit, Medium, and Quora are other valuable tools for promoting articles. Sign up on these websites and share your latest posts. Include a link back to the original so you can generate traffic towards your website.

  • Monetize your blog

After you get into the habit of regularly blogging and creating high quality content, you can begin monetizing. The most popular approach is to use affiliate marketing. In the US during 2016, retailer spent $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing. This is a business model that involves promoting products or services for a commission. It’s the very definition of passive income. You don’t have to handle shipping, customer service, or anything else. You simply refer customers and get paid. Consider joining Amazon’s affiliate program and adding links throughout your website.

Google Adsense is another common way to monetize a blog. This program places ads on your website which generates you money every time a user clicks them. You can set what type of ads are displayed and where.

Digital products are another form of passive income you can use to monetize your website. E-books and courses are example of digital products. You can make them on your own and sell them right through your blog with PayPal or another gateway. If you use WordPress, there are e-commerce and course plugins to make the process streamlined. Create digital products around ideas that your readers would enjoy and promote them just like you would a blog post.

  • Use influencer marketing

For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, the average business gets a return of $6.50. That equals to a 650% return on investment. Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of popularity for its low cost and high impact. It entails collaborating with other brands to share your product. You can quickly gain followers, email subscribers, and readers this way.

As a blogger, reach out to other websites within your niche. Propose that you would like to work together to help each other grow. This might involve shouting each other out on social media or promoting each other’s blogs. Focus on building relationships as it can also lead to guest posting opportunities or other benefits.

Blogging is a low cost way to earn income and grow a following. The first step is to create high quality content that users would want to read and share. After you establish a routine of posting regularly, promote your posts through social media, content syndication sites, and SEO. Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, digital products, ads, or other means. Then, use the power of influencer marketing to expand your reach. Continually doing this will lead you to fame and fortune through blogging.

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