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An Analysis of Jewelry Preferences

According to statistics, 40% of engagements around the world occur during holidays, especially on February, November, and December. In fact, 17% of couples are getting engaged for at least 10 similar days every year.

Generally, the holiday season is considered the most suitable occasion for engagements. Since various proposals transpire during these particular time frames, it is relatively important to cover an advanced and deeper understanding towards the whole process of engagements.

Every couple has a different approach in terms of encountering proposals. Thus, included here is a full overview of facts and figures about engagements. The statistics and data covered in this article are all based on poll results from Google Surveys partaken by 3, 484 participants.

The Nature of the Proposal: Surprise Vs. Planned

According to the survey, 65% of women wanted proposals to be taken as a complete surprise. On the other hand, 35% of women participants wants to go ring shopping together with their partner. Among the two options, there is only a 5% difference in the men’s opinion compared to the female results. Most couples favor the idea of surprise proposals because it makes the moment memorable.

On the other hand, the rest of the percentage prefers a prepared engagement. That is because people value practicality and want to pick their engagement rings and diamond earrings for themselves. The male partner believes that it is important for their female counterpart to choose the ring that they prefer.

So how much should a couple spend on their engagement rings? Most people believe that men should at least spend about 2-3 months of their salary to buy their partner’s ring. However, it seems that people no longer follow this notion. In fact, a lot of women are surprising thrifty when it comes to choosing rings. More than half of those surveyed prefers that men spend only $2500 or less when buying a ring.

The Partiality of Lab-Grown Diamonds: Millennials Vs. Older Generations

It is palpable that there is a huge difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds in terms of value. While women have agreed about frugality in ring purchases, would they also be able to accept man-made or lab-grown diamonds?

The data on the results were divided between millennials and older generations. Apparently, 80% of female participants have a positive or neutral response to it. In contrast, older generations felt less happy about it. Instead, they still prefer natural diamonds over lab-grown pieces.

The Budget for Engagement Ring: Frugal Vs. Extravagant

In the past, people tended to buy extravagant and expensive wedding rings. There is an unofficial rule that men should be buying engagement rings that are worth 2 to 3 months of their salary. Couples nowadays, especially women, have become more economical regarding their wedding and engagement rings. In fact, 53% of women and 44% of males prefer to spend less than $2500 on rings.

Preferred Timeframe for Engagement: Men Vs. Women

When couples got engaged, the decision about the timeframe when it comes to realizing their wedding varies significantly. Based on the poll survey, 42% of women wanted to have a long engagement before getting married. Their preferred timeframe would fall into the 12 to 18-month period.

However, a large percentage of men participants preferred to have a shorter engagement for about 0-6 months. Conversely, almost the same number of participants also prefer to have a longer engagement that reaches more than two years. Basically, it appears that men either wanted to have a short engagement period, or they will just prefer to wait for a long time.

Permission Request for Parent’s Blessing: Expected Vs. Outdated

It has become a tradition among most people that male partners should ask the women’s parents for their blessings upon engagement. In this modern age, however, would both the female and male partners still agree to this practice?

While there is a high percentage of both men and women in disagreeing to ask the parent’s blessing, the majority of them still goes to the “in favor” side. 56% of men and 61% of women still prefer to ask the permission of the women’s parents.

Attitude Towards Intimacy in a Proposal: Men Vs. Women

Whereas a lot of people wanted to see a couple proposing in front of a crowd, it may not be true if the scenario involves you. In fact, there are only 3% female and 7% male participants that want the engagement to occur in front of a large crowd. Majority of couples prefer to have an intimate engagement and just have it transpire with only the two of them.

Preference on Diamond Ring: Diamond Quality Vs. Craftsmanship Vs. Diamond Size Vs. Ring Design

Among the factors in selecting a diamond ring, the ring design receives a higher vote among men and women participants. The diamond quality and ring craftsmanship have an adequate percentage. Meanwhile, both male and female have picked the diamond size as the least significant factor in weighing their preferred jewelry characteristics.

Favored Gemstone: Diamond Vs. Colored gemstone Vs. Band Ring

For both male and female, diamonds were the most favorite gemstone choice. With a percentage of 67% women and 65% men votes, diamonds have remained to be the most preferred gemstone. Interestingly, 25% of men are in favor of colored gemstone while there are some women who prefer a band without any center gem.

The Significance of Ethical Sourcing in Ring Purchase decisions

Majority of men and women are interested to buy their ring from an ethical source. Basically, 80% of female and 66% male millennials consider ethical sourcing as a vital consideration in an engagement ring purchase.

Final Thoughts

In this modern age, a lot has already changed even with the approach of engagements. What might be unacceptable before may be reasonable now. It also seems that traditions and old notions about engagement are now viewed differently. Correspondingly, when it comes to the couple’s wedding and engagement details, it would just be a matter of preference.

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