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Realize your dreams with ACS aviation scholarships and student grants

ACS helps students realize their dreams with aviation scholarships and student grants

Growing up we all dream of being in a certain profession. If you are passionate about innovative aviation solutions, ACS offers you the opportunity to take your career to great heights, beyond your wildest dreams.

As our CEO, Justin Bowman, who started out as an ACS intern, puts it: “From the moment I saw my first charter take off from Ostend Airport, I knew that there was nothing else I wanted to do but work with chartering aeroplanes. And the last twenty years haven’t failed to deliver some memorable experiences.”

If you want to experience the exhilaration of doing what you love, every day, we invite you to apply for an ACS aviation scholarship or student grant. Let us support you in reaching your full potential and living your dream. We have a range of opportunities that will allow you to establish yourself as an industry leader in this highly rewarding field.

A company with humble beginnings

Twenty-eight years ago, ACS founders, Chris Leach and his wife Tina laid down the building blocks of what would become one of the largest aviation companies in the world.

Chris Leach was born into aviation. As the son of a pilot, he started his aviation career as a cargo aircraft loadmaster at Saturn Airways and went on to gain experience at Transamerica Airlines and Savino Del Bene. When the recession hit, Chris went through a rough patch, but it was during this trying time that he saw an opportunity in the aircraft charter market. In 1990 Chris and his wife formed ACS.

According to Chris, he actually started the business to pay the mortgage, rather than looking to start a global company. The first few years were tough, so Chris and his wife rented a room in their house to a local student (who, coincidentally, was an aviation enthusiast). The young Justin Bowman spent hours memorizing the registration of every aircraft in the world. As planes flew over the house, Justin would look out the window and correctly identify the aircraft, the probable tail number, the airline; and, by looking at his watch, he could even tell the flight number.

Flabbergasted with the young man’s “encyclopedic knowledge of aircraft,” Chris asked Justin if he would do his industrial placement at ACS. Operating from the basement of the family home, Chris and his resourceful intern worked tirelessly in making phone calls and arranging charters and leases, slowly cementing the company in a highly competitive market. Today, Justin is CEO and a key member of the ACS board.

Looking back at the company’s humble beginnings, the current size of the operation is remarkable and something its founders are very proud of. Despite the company’s size, they still strive to retain the family values and personal service on which the business was originally built 28 years ago. And, as always, there are many opportunities for young, ambitious aviation students to build gratifying careers at ACS.

ACS supports your future in aviation

ACS is passionate about providing education and support to tomorrow’s aviation leaders – whether it’s through internships or aviation scholarships and student grants.

ACS scholarships and grants do not only give students the opportunity to get a competitive edge in the global aviation market, but it stimulates the development of innovative technical solutions, which makes for a more sustainable future.

If you want to gain knowledge that will allow you to influence change and make a positive difference in the world, we invite you to apply for an aviation scholarship or grant. We will help you find inspiration to realize your dreams.

ACS’s student grants and scholarships

Whether you are interested in eco-friendly airports, air charter technology, or innovative operation systems, we have a way to fuel your passion. We offer the following student grants and aviation scholarships:

  • Aviation scholarships of up to $5,000

Are you creating groundbreaking research for a scientific journal? Aviation scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded based on the study’s potential impact on the future of aviation, as well as the caliber of the publication.

  • Support in publishing research

If you working on a research paper, which you wish to publish the ACS website, you are eligible to apply for support of up to $500. The ACS team can enrich your academic research through our expertise and give you access to valuable intelligence on private aviation.

  • Support in publishing existing research

Support of up to $500 is available to students wanting to publish existing research. Grants will depend on the innovation of research and its importance to the future of global aviation.

ACS student support will put your career on a climbing trajectory

  • You will get a unique opportunity to expand your skillset and knowledge.
  • You will advance your academic career through valuable insights into the inner workings of the business that will enrich your research.
  • You will develop your chosen specialty within the broad spectrum of career fields in aviation and lay the foundation of a successful career.
  • You will learn from aviation specialists with first-hand experience.

Who is eligible to apply for ACS scholarships or grants?

Do you have groundbreaking ideas and a hunger to learn and innovate? ACS is looking for bright, talented students who are currently enrolled in a fully-accredited university, aviation- or engineering program within the United States, including Commercial Aviation, Professional Pilot, Aviation Management, Airport Management, etc.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the aviation industry and advance your academic career. Apply today.

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted via email to: Please include the following information with your application:

Full Name
Contact details
Mobile number
University program
Research topic
Potential publication website
Existing publications

A solid education is the blueprint for a successful career. If you want to live your dream and make a difference in the aviation industry, we’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to contribute an article to Cornell React, please email us.
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