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Rachel Bean

Professor of Astronomy


I am not teaching this academic year, while serving as Senior Associate Dean.

I am available to supervise students through ASTRO 4940 “Independent Study in Astronomy”. Typically students are in their junior or senior year, have some experience in computer coding (C, Python or Fortran) and/or data analysis, and are interested in spending a semester, or more, conducting research related to cosmology with large scale structure and CMB surveys.

Past Courses:

Astronomy 4433: Introduction to Cosmology (Senior Undergraduate level)

Astronomy 6599: Cosmology (Graduate level)

Cornell students registered for the courses can find course materials at the Blackboard site.

2011 Online Study Room:

This is an online lecture, “The Puzzling Life of the Universe” , that I did as part of the Cornell Adult University. It gives an introduction to cosmology for non-scientists.

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