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Wanted:   Grad Students to Share Their Workflow

In March 2018, the Cornell Library will be sponsoring “Becoming More Productive,” a workflow workshop series for graduate students.  The workshops will be held on March 15 in Olin Library (Arts & Humanities), and March 22 in Mann (Sciences & Social Sciences).   

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in one of the sessions.   Are you the right person?  Well, you are if you are a grad student in the sciences, social sciences or humanities and would be willing to share with newer grads your workflow strategy—how you gather, store, organize and synthesize all your information and data for your research and teaching.  In other words, how you get stuff done.

How much time would this involve?  Very little, actually–as your workflow system is something you know really well, there’s little prep involved–all you need to do is come and share an informal 15 minute presentation as part of a panel of graduate students doing the same thing.  Again, you aren’t expected to present at all 3 sessions—just the one that fits your discipline and schedule.

Why might you want to do this?  Well, it’s an opportunity to share invaluable information with other graduate students, and you’ll gain valuable presentation experience, which will look great on your CV. And as a thank you, we’re offering Manndible or LibeCafe gift cards!

Interested?  If so, please email Jim Morris-Knower at

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