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Predicting Loss – PVY Calculator

PVY Calculator – University of Idaho AgBiz

An “infected seed price calculator” or PVY Calculator was constructed based on recent research which measured the yield and grade (quantity and quality) impacts of various levels of seed borne PVY in the cultivars Russet Norkotah and Russet Burbank grown in Idaho.

Based on the information from that study, a calculator was constructed that adjusts the price of the seed so that the grower is held economically harmless from buying infected seed, i.e. projected income impacts of quantity and quality decreases are used to reduce seed price in a way that per acre returns remain constant.

The PVY calculator does not include any tuber necrosis that may occur in storage.

The PVY calculator is currently under beta testing and can be found on the University of Idaho AgBiz website PVY Calculator. Additional data is being collected and refinements will be made to provide greater accuracy for both commercial and seed production uses.

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