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Safety Committee Information

The Physical Sciences Safety Committee (PSSC) is comprised of representatives from the Lab of Atomic and Solid State Physics (LASSP), the Physics department, Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP), the Lab of Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP) and the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR).  The PSSC aims to ensure that a safe and healthy learning, research and work environment exists for faculty, staff, students and visitors to department spaces housed in Clark Hall and the Physical Sciences Complex.  To this end, the committee advises member departments on matters related to the management of hazardous materials, equipment and procedures in research in research and teaching.

Committee Membership 2014

Physics/ LASSP

Carl Franck (Chair)

Brenda-Irvin Bryant

Vince Kotmel


Dawn Esposito

Jon Velazquez

Greg Fuchs


John Sinnott


Brian Heltsley

Facilities Management

Keane Leitch

Todd Pfeiffer

Physical Sciences Safety Committee BOX Site