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Safety Information

Do you have a safety question or concern?

Please let us know simply by e-mailing us at or you can click on the link below to start the process.



Any potentially life-threatening emergency such as a fire or an accident should be reported immediately to the Cornell Police by using the direct emergency phones in the corridors (below the red lights or blue lights) or by dialing 911 on any department phone.  In case of fire, the nearest fire alarm should be activated to evacuate the building before calling the Cornell Police.

For less urgent safety issues, please contact the Physical Sciences Complex Safety Manager:

Keane Leitch, Safety Manager
121 Baker Laboratory

Accident/Incident Reports

This report must be completed for all physical injuries, work-related illnesses, and potential hazardous substance exposures. Employees must report these incidents to their supervisor immediately.  Reports should be submitted within 24 hours after the incident occurred, or as soon as the required information is obtained.

Cornell Environmental Health & Safety Home Page: