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Need Keys or Card Access?

  • Individuals working in a laboratory are required to complete Fire Safety training and Laboratory Safety training prior to beginning work in the lab. Additional training such as Chemical Waste Disposal, Laser Safety, Electrical Safety, Radiation Safety, and Bloodborne Pathogens may be required based on anticipated use.
  • Individuals who will not be working in laboratories but may be exposed to chemicals in non-laboratory environments are required to complete training in Hazard Communication.
  • Those working in office areas must complete Cornell University Health & Safety Basics and Fire Safety training.

The form below must be completed by all new personnel before requesting key or card access to the facilities.

Physical Sciences Complex Orientation & Access Request Form – fillable

  • The following procedure provides additional detail on how to complete the PSC Orientation and Access Request Form:

Access Request Form Instructions

  • The following link will take you to the EH&S website with more detailed instructions for how to obtain training:

Once this Access Request Form is complete, then keys or card access can be obtained as indicated below.

Clark Hall

  • Primary Contact:  Robert Kenyon, G22 Clark Hall, Desk – 255-5079
  • Secondary Contact:  Jason Spicer, G38 Clark Hall, Desk – 255-0673

Physical Sciences Building

  • Primary Contact:  Tracy Davenport, G72 PSB, Desk – 255-1023
  • Secondary Contact:  Jason Russell, D26 Clark Hall, Cell – 592-9722