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About Our Team

The Physical Sciences Complex Facilities Team provides a wide variety of support for the various departments and groups that use the Physical Sciences Building and Clark Hall , including:

  • Building maintenance coordination
  • Event coordination
  • Package delivery
  • Lab equipment moves or set ups
  • Office/furniture moves
  • Project management/cost estimates
  • Safety management or consultation
  • Key/card access control

Our goal is to always provide you with professional and courteous service in a timely manner.  If you are ever dissatisfied with our team’s service for any reason, then please feel free to contact me with your prompt and candid feedback.


Todd Pfeiffer
Facilities Director

Please select one of the links on the right side of this web page to submit a request or get more information.

Physical Sciences Complex Facilities Team Contact List:

Tracy Davenport
Administrative Coordinator
G72 Physical Sciences Building
Ph: (607) 255-1023

Robert Kenyon
Clark Hall Building Manager
G22 Clark Hall
Ph: (607) 255-5079
Cell: (607) 351-3286

Keane Leitch
Safety Manager
121 Baker Lab
Ph: (607) 255-8773
Cell: (607) 592-7079

Todd Pfeiffer
Facilities Director, Weill Hall, Clark Hall & Physical Sciences
E22 Clark Hall
Ph: (607) 255-1731
Cell: (607) 592-7252

Jason Russell
Physical Sciences Facilities Coordinator
D26 Clark Hall
Cell: (607) 592-9722

Jason Spicer
Clark Hall Building Coordinator
G38 Clark Hall
Ph: (607) 255-0673
Cell: (607) 882-0683

The following contact lists are also provided for your convenience:

Chemistry Department Building Services

B76 Olin Chemistry Research Wing
Ph: (607) 255-7309

David Neish
Facility Manager
Cell: (607) 227-1580

Larry Stull
Facility Coordinator
Cell: (607) 857-6056

Custodial Services – Building Care

Brian Goodell
Custodial Manager
329 Physical Sciences Building
Ph: (607) 255-2341
Cell: (607) 220-8679