GDD update 8.7.20

Back on schedule!  For a week at least….. Off to look for sweet corn and waiting for NYS peaches (as a peach breeder’s daughter I think I should support the local crop!)


Were you in the heavy rain zone?  Very localized but the Hudson Valley got whomped.   Northern NY really needed it, but coming all at once isn’t good.


GDD                                       8.7.20                                    8.12.20

Champlain                           1627                                      1756

Geneva                                 1763                                      1890

Riverhead                            2156                                      2286


Michigan has a GDD list, too. They note:


Zimmerman pine moth adult flight  – GDD 1700

Arborvitae leaf miner 3rd generation – GDD 1700-2100


Nothing to add from my list.  Is that good or bad?  I hear the heat is coming back….