IPM Update 7.8.20 – mildew mapping

Cucurbit and basil downy mildews move into NYS from (usually) the south and are being mapped.  You can check in on the maps yourself or sign up for alerts


While these are more common in field production, I have seen basil downy mildew in greenhouses.


Cucurbit downy mildew https://cdm.ipmpipe.org/

Alerts – https://cdm.ipmpipe.org/alerts/

Confirmed in Western NY


Basil downy mildew  https://basil.agpestmonitor.org/map/

Alerts – https://basil.agpestmonitor.org/alerts/

Confirmed in PA


The websites also have links to photo galleries for ID, discussions of threats and risk, and if you really look (I can’t resist anything labeled Interesting Links) – a link to the Mt Olive Pickle Company!


Have a great day!