GDD update 7.3.20

Happy almost 4th of July!  I will miss the fireworks (although my neighbors are helping a bit with that) and our annual picnic.  I have a whole 4th of July family in addition to the natural (?! Can’t go so far as normal 😊) ones I have.


So what’s happening with the weather?  That’s a loaded question.


GDD                       July 3                                     July 8

Champlain           811                                         939

Geneva                915                                         1062

Riverhead           1116                                       1240


From Branching Out – If you have Cooley spruce gall adelgid galls on blue spruce, you want to cut them off and burn/bury/bag them before they open.  That should be happening soon.  Stop that next generation before it happens!


Same is true for white pine weevil affected leaders – cut them out before the adults emerge.  If you are seeing holes in the shepherd’s crooked leaders, you missed some but cut them out anyway.  And don’t leave the cut ones in the field as the adults can emerge anyway.  You may have to cut lower than you think.  Look for damage at the cut and keep cutting until you don’t see any.


My official white pine weevil trapper had a break in finds and then got another one.  I wonder if it is this season’s first adults?


Japanese beetle adults – which we have seen feeding on leaders – GDD 1029-2154


Pine needle scale – 2nd generation of crawlers emerge GDD 1290-1917.  If you have it, it’s time to scout for crawlers.


Has anyone else seen bleaching on blue spruce needles?  Send me pictures if you do!


Keep working on those safety plans!  They are not just for sales season!


Have a great week!