GDD update 6.26.20

Ah, it is Friday again – and lovely out!  I hope it continues this weekend as I have things to plant.  Please tell me how it got to be almost July?


An interesting resource I just found when looking up lammas growth (lots more than lammas growth information in there):

June 26                 July 1

Champlain                           656                         756

Geneva                                756                         866

Riverhead                           941                         1066. (Oddly large number of 6’s in these numbers.  Golly, I am a nerd – 1066 is the Battle of Hastings – Norman conquest of England)


Nothing much new.  Odd things on pines in the new Branching Out – Cone beetles, Nantucket pine tip moth (prune and destroy tips before GDD 1000), Pine tortoise scale (treat crawlers 618-1050 GDD) – does anyone have pines and see these?


First generation Cryptomeria scale – 600-800 GDD

Spruce bud scale crawlers on Norway spruce 912-1388 GDD


I haven’t ever seen this (that I know of) – has anyone else?


Balsam twig aphids can occasionally be a damaging pest on white spruce in Christmas tree plantations.  The damage they cause to white spruce is very distinctive, with pigtailing of leaders and needles that don’t properly expand, leaving the leader with a distinctively spirally twisted four-sided, corkscrewed mess.



Nice to see so many of you on all the webinars that have been going on.  If you have questions on safety plans, I’m happy to help!


Have a great week!