A few oddments for 6.26.20

Mostly resources – many that are aimed at the new gardeners we hope stay gardeners forever!


Garden mum production and protection tips from Ontario Floriculture – https://onfloriculture.com/2020/06/24/garden-mums-2020-production-and-protection-tips/#more-9239

Just remember the pesticides listed are for Ontario, not NYS so check to make sure they are labeled here.


Cornell Turfgrass webinars – including lawn and landscape series



Long Island vegetable disease galleries



Amazing numbers of COVID resources – if you still need more – from NC State (not just food safety)


I did learn why food isn’t considered an issue.  This is a respiratory virus and has to get into your respiratory system and although that can happen through the mouth and eyes as well as the nose (which is why your mask goes over your nose and not just your chin, people in the grocery store), eating isn’t a very likely way for that to happen.  Good – as I am off for socially distanced ice cream this afternoon.


Fun ‘Science in Real Life’ you-Tube videos your customers might like



Have a great week!