GDD update 8.8.19

Well, today’s thunder monsoon just went through campus.  What an odd year we are having!


From the questions I am getting, some of you are definitely scouting. Congratulations! It certainly isn’t easy but it is the basis for effective pest management.  Keep notes where you see problems so you know where to look next year.


Yesterday at Empire Farm Days (no Christmas tree growers ☹) I did a lot of talking about ticks (we have a new livestock preferring one in the Hudson Valley) and spotted lanternfly.  The lanternfly does have implications for Christmas tree growers – for seedlings and for cut trees coming in to the state.  Do you know how to check for the lanternfly?  You can learn all about it at a conference on August 15 in Binghamton – for more information go to:


Question went out to the CCE diagnostic list-serve. Are you seeing more poison ivy this year?  While there is research saying that poison ivy thrives with higher CO2 levels, it might just be the adequate moisture (or more than adequate) this spring.


No changes on what you should be looking for based on GDD.


Elongate hemlock scale – keep scouting for crawlers.

Cooley spruce gall adelgid – prune out galls on spruce before they turn brown

Cryptomeria scale crawlers – 1750-2130 GDD

Japanese beetle adults – 1029-2154 GDD

Two spotted spider mites– 1300-2000 GDD

Pine needle scale 2nd generation– 1290-1917 GDD


Have a great week!