GDD update 7.24.19

Now that was some GDD generating weather last weekend! Probably didn’t cook any critters, though.  Just us.


Please keep an eye out for a survey I’ll send you on this project.  I’ll keep sending GDD updates as long as they make sense but the final report is coming due and I need to know what you think.


This project is good for me as I keep learning things!  Not all sources agree and sometimes I have to look for more information to make things make sense!


If you have elongate hemlock scale you should keep scouting until October for crawlers.  The old scale covers will stay on so you can’t just look for the obvious presence of the scale.  Looking for those small crawlers is why you have a handlens, right. Chemical control shouldn’t be applied more than 4 times in 12 weeks.


There is (almost always) scouting – and a few other things to do:


Cooley spruce gall adelgid – prune out galls on spruce before they turn brown – which is right about now.

Cryptomeria scale crawlers – 1750-2130 GDD

Japanese beetle adults – 1029-2154 GDD

Two spotted spider mites– 1300-2000 GDD

Pine needle scale 2nd generation– 1290-1917 GDD



Have a great week!