NEWA Update 5.29.19

Buds are breaking all around Ithaca and Geneva.  We’ll be going through our planting to see how they did over the winter.

Sorry for the long break – amazing how long it takes to catch up from a couple of days off!  Did you check NEWA because you were missing my email?

Everyone’s in the triple digits now – but the range from Canton to Riverhead is 140 – 488 GDD!

Not too much has changed overall.

We’ll add:

Elongate hemlock scale crawlers  360-700 GDD – remember the only sensible time to treat EHS (except dormant oil) is when the crawlers are out.

Two spotted spider mite – 363-618 GDD – look for trees with stippled needles (lots of tiny yellow spots) and bronzed interior needles and do a tap test.  Two spotted spider mites like it hot – and dry and dusty makes them happy so maybe not so far this year.


Here are the ones continuing:

Gypsy moth larvae hatching – 90-448 GDD – remember the small ones are the easiest to control with Bt.  And larvae can sent up silks to be carried by the wind, so treat trees around any that are infested.

Douglas fir needle midge adults –  200-400 GDD – traps are helpful to know when they start emerging from the soil

Pine needle scale – crawlers emerge 298-448


There is always something to scout for.  I hope you are catching up in the fields!


Have a great week!