GDD Update 4.29.19

What a difference a day – or a year – makes.  We didn’t get the threatened snow in Ithaca but did get a good frost last night.  Just because I planted a few things (patience is not one of my virtues)?


And at the Cornell Orchards, the GDD today is 80 – last year on this date it was 13 and in 2017 it was 152.  So I guess we are at a happy medium.


Did anyone have snow?  Did anyone have buds out far enough to get nipped if you had a frost?


Not much change in GDD overall since last week – just 6 units if you all are included and 4 if we take out Long Island which had all the outliers. And no big jumps through May 4 – just creeping up. Doesn’t change any advice so I’ll make this a quick email!


Have a great week!