April 10 Christmas tree update

Anyone seeing bud break yet?  I need to check my (few) trees.


Cooley spruce gall adelgid management is best between nymphs appearing (around 22 GDD) and bud break

Balsam twig aphid management is best between egg hatch (starts around 30 GDD) and bud break

Time for Doug fir needle midge traps (before daily temps are 60 F on N side of previously infested trees) or yellow sticky cards to catch adult midges


I was going to write an email on horticultural oil applications, but Jen Llewellyn did it for me!




Dormant oil can be used to manage:

Spider mites and eriophyid/rust/sheath mites

Cooley spruce gall adelgid

Elongate hemlock scale

Balsam twig aphid

Cryptomeria scale


Remember that Doug fir and spruce can be sensitive and oils will take off the blue coloring of needles



Have a great week!