Radical collaboration protects Colombia’s birds, coffee farmers

Lab of Ornithology Cornell University scientist Amanda Rodewald and economist Juan Nicolás Hernandez-Aguilera are collaborating on a project to look at the ecological and socio-economic aspects of sustainable coffee. The traditional approach to environmental conservation goes something like this: A particular landscape or species, usually somewhere in the developing world,…

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Cows’ carbon hoofprint is smaller than thought

The carbon hoofprint of dairy cows may be smaller than previously thought, report Cornell researchers. Cows and other ruminants are the ultimate recyclers, and they deserve some credit for helping the environment while providing high-quality nutrients through their dairy products, says Michael Van Amburgh, professor of animal science. Addressing a…

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Expanding Horizons Journal: Molly Chirunomula

Hola from Costa Rica! My name is Molly Chirunomula and I am a Cornell veterinary student in the class of 2019. This summer I am working at The Ara Project, a macaw conservation nonprofit on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The Ara Project is a captive breeding and release…

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Cornell to launch new Master of Public Health program

By Krishna Ramanujan Originally posted in the Cornell Chronicle on June 21, 2016 Outbreaks of Zika and Ebola, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, foodborne diseases and chronic illnesses are constantly in the news, making comprehensive public health assessment, planning and action crucial to the future of the planet. Starting in the fall 2017 semester, Cornell…

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Gen Meredith (MPH)

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Associate Director of International Programs and the Master of Public Health, College of Veterinary Medicine Gen Meredith, a graduate of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine (Occupational Therapy) and the University of Massachusetts’ School of Public Health (Master of Public Health), has come to Cornell to help design and lead the…

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Alex Travis (Animals, Environment, MPH)


Faculty Director for the Environment at Cornell’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future

Director of the Cornell Center for Wildlife Conservation

Associate professor of reproductive biology and wildlife conservation at Cornell’s Baker Institute for Animal Health at the College of Veterinary Medicine

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