College M.P.H. program hosts climate change and health symposium

Morning session panelists left to right: Toby Ault, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Daryl Nydam, Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability; Lorraine Francis, Master of Public Health Program; Emily Lasher, Emily Sanchez, and Oderachukwu Ugwu: students in Global and Public Health Sciences.

“To have healthy people, we must have a healthy planet.” These words from Dr. Alexaner Travis, director of Cornell’s Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Program, opened the symposium “Climate change and health: A call to action” Nov. 15. Spurred by estimates suggesting we have only 10 years left to prevent irreversible damage to the planet,…

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Measles in New York

MPH Student Lakshman Balaji recently produced this post about Measels in New York. Measles in New York: One of the worst measles outbreaks of recent times is happening right now in New York. I wanted to figure out where the vaccination exemptions are happening, and used public data to create this…

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Life Expectancies Across the World

MPH Student Lakshman Balaji recently produced this post about life expectancies across the world. Life expectancies across the world:  Life expectancies have been increasing globally for the past few decades. Wouldn’t it be cool to visualize this change happening right before our eyes using data science and solid data? In…

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