MPH Student Accepted to the Emerging Threats to Global Health Workshop

Elsbeth Kane, a student in the Master of Public Health program, has been accepted to the “Emerging Threats to Global Health” workshop at George Mason University in Virginia from June 2-8. This is collaboratively offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at GMU, Johns Hopkins University, EcoHealth Alliance, and the Smithsonian Institute.

EcoHealthNet is an “undergraduate and graduate-level global research coordination network, funded by the National Science Foundation, to bring together world-class research scientists from medical, ecology, veterinary, epidemiology, virology, anthropology, climate science, data science, and economics fields that will advance One Health research and education.” Advancements in One Health research take place through several activities within this network. One such activity is a one-week workshop that brings together scientists and invited STEM students from a variety of disciplines to learn about disease ecology research, in particular, anthropogenic environmental change, economics, and emerging diseases.

The Emerging Threats to Global Health workshop involves five days of participatory training on topics relevant to disease ecology, including mathematical disease modeling, GIS and spatial analysis, field and laboratory techniques for zoonotic disease research, the economics of emerging diseases, and critical review of published studies. The workshop is designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students and research scientists from various scientific disciplines to learn about concepts and tools used in disease ecology research.

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