Hemlock Identification Quiz

Take our Hemlock Tree ID quiz to put your hemlock identification skills to the test.

Hemlock Identification Quiz

Question 1

Hemlocks are evergreen trees and keep their foliage throughout the winter.

Question 2

Which describes the needles of a hemlock tree?

Question 3

Hemlocks have two white stripes on the underside of their needles.

Question 4

Which describes the bark of a hemlock trees?

Question 5

Hemlocks like to grow in flat, dry areas away from water.

Question 6

Which describes a hemlock cone?

Question 7

What do new hemlock buds look like when they emerge in the late spring and early summer?

Question 8

How is foliage arranged on a hemlock twig?

Quiz Results:
If you got six or more GREEN answers, you’re ready to find hemlocks in the field!
If you got 3 or more BROWN answers, you need a little more hemlock ID practice. Check our our Hemlock and HWA Identification Guide
 for more information.

Thank you for taking our Hemlock Tree ID quiz!


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