Surveying Native Pollinators

Happy National Pollinator Week!

The Empire State Pollinator Survey is a scientific study to determine the conservation status of a wide array of native insect pollinators in nonagricultural habitats in New York. They want to answer the question: which species are rare, which are common, and have any declined?

Volunteers learn survey methods to observe native bees, flies, beetles, and butterfly and moth species, and send their observational data to NY Natural Heritage Program. Volunteer data will help the NYNHP collect distributional information for important at-risk pollinator species that are native to the Northeastern US, and that are often studied less than honeybees.

There are a variety of ways that volunteers can participate in the Survey based on their interest, availability, and ability or comfort level with the various survey methods, including photographing pollinators, netting them, and collecting them with water traps. No prior experience identifying or surveying for pollinators is necessary, as long as participants are willing to learn the survey methods and follow instructions for data submission.

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Photo by: Maggie Lin

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