Featured Master Naturalists: Anne and Dave Shepherd

We have so many great Master Naturalists across the state of New York doing important and valuable work!  We try to feature a NY Master Naturalist each month to highlight this great work and provide some ideas of how you can fulfill your volunteer and training hours! Keep scrolling on this page to see more Featured Master Naturalists.

Featured Master Naturalists: Anne and Dave Shepherd

Master Naturalist ’18 – combined 435 volunteer hours, 120 training hours!

Anne and Dave Shepherd joined the program in 2018, and since then have been working hard with various volunteering organizations. The two have always been interested in the natural world, knowing that it is a complex system that we heavily depend on. Dave and Anne joined the program because it provided a solid framework for learning and doing as much as they could in a new discipline and enabled them to pursue their interests far more directly. Their favorite part about being Master Naturalists so far is being able to contribute not to just scientific research, but to professional NGO development and environmental education of the public. 

The Shepherds focus a majority of their volunteering efforts towards the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. This is a large preserve with a multifaceted mission and a dedicated staff. Through the Refuge, Dave and Anne have participated in different environmental education outreach programs with various schools, teaching students about the wildlife in the area and the Refuge’s mission. They have also been working on guidebooks for species identification and mapping the Refuge area, which will be used by the Refuge in outreach activities. They have also served on the Refuge planning committee as co-leads for the spring outreach program, which is aimed at teaching students and their families about the environment in the area.

Congratulations to Anne and Dave Shepherd and thank you for all your work with the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, as well as your other volunteer efforts!

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