Need Hay? Have Corn Silage to Sell? We Can Help!

Cornell Cooperative Extension has fired up the NYS Forage Exchange website again in response to the 2020 drought conditions that limited forage yield and quality on many farms, especially in the North Country.

The NYS Forage Exchange provides a free system to match potential sellers and buyers of forage within New York State. Sellers can easily register within the system and then post the forage they have available to sell. Farms in need of forages may register and post ads in the same way. Potential purchasers can browse the advertisements, and then contact the seller through email for additional information or to complete purchase arrangements.

A screencast on how to use the NYS Forage Exchange can be found at The video is also available on the Forage Exchange website.


NYS Forage Exchange is a moderated website, so all ad submissions are reviewed for appropriateness before publication on the forage exchange website. The information provided is general and educational in nature. Employees of Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension do not endorse or recommend any specific product or seller listed on this site.