June 2, 2020 1st Cutting Alfalfa-Grass Quality Report

Our FINAL 1st Cutting Alfalfa-Grass Quality Report for this spring has been published. Click here to read it. Warm temps helped alfalfa growth to progress about 6.6″  this week, but is still slightly behind 2018 and 2019 averages for this time of year. Alfalfa averaged 24.6″ across NNY this week, compared with about 30″ in 2018 and 25″ in 2019.  According to our data, fields with 30% grass or more are at or beyond peak quality now and are on the decline.  Several fields in this year’s survey were mowed last week – these appear to have 0″ alfalfa on the report graph.

Grasses are nearly all headed now – and have declined in quality.

Apply N or manure to grass fields immediately after 1st cutting now.  It’s much too late to help 1st cutting at this point.  What about topdressing K on alfalfa after 1st cutting?  Read our guidance here.

Check out the report for some additional tidbits and let us know if we can help with forage management, or any other topics.  Be well and safe and rely on CCE for all sorts of information and assistance during this stressful time.  We are available via email, web, YouTube, blog, and USPS mail as normal.