PRO-DAIRY Guidance on Diet and Management Considerations for Emergencies: Reducing Milk Flow Without Harming Cows and Threatening Future Production

As a response to the COVID-19 crisis and disruptions in food supply chains and changes in consumer/purchaser habits, some dairy coops have issued letters to farmers notifying them to reduce milk production. Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY team has published a fact sheet written by Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Dr. Tom Overton, and Dr. Julio Giordano on diet and management considerations for temporarily reducing milk production while maintaining cow health and cow care.



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Lindsay Ferlito

As one of the Regional Dairy Specialists, my focus has been on cow comfort, lameness, cow behavior, housing and management, and ventilation. I am also a member of the Cornell Climate Smart Farming Extension team. I can work with all dairy farms across the North Country and I am happy to help with any dairy management topic.