Managing COVID-19 Risk On Farms

Managing COVID-19 Risk on Farms

As the situation continues to develop with the COVID- 19 Virus, there are steps farms should be taking to prevent illness on the farm to preserve and protect their workforce.  If you have not already done so, it is imperative that you make changes to protect your farm, yourself, and your employees from a major illness event.  Below is a basic breakdown of items to consider when developing and implementing a plan.  For more in-depth details on special employee and animal considerations including: housing, cleanliness, animal care, sanitation, payroll rules, and employee regulations please go and watch the webinar put on by Cornell Ag Workforce Development. You will find the video below.

We hope that you all are protecting yourselves, your employees, and your valued business partners by taking these warnings seriously and implementing some of these strategies.  Please reach out if you would like additional assistance implementing some of these strategies, we are available to help digitally and through written resources.