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Willsboro and Champlain Report 8-16-2012

Josh Kowalski and Kevin Iungerman Phytotoxicity trial: After three sulfur and copper sprays (7/18/12, 7/26/12, 8/2/12), a negative response to the sulfur application was observed on two varieties: Sabrevois and Louise Swenson.  See the picture below of the leaves on the Louise Swenson curling from the burn of the sulfur.           […]

Willsboro Report 8/2/12

Verasion: Last week some of the earliest varieties started to undergo verasion, the beginning of the berry maturation process, as berries enlarge, begin to soften, and coloration begins, as the process of internal chemical and sugar composition changes get underway. While less noticeable, even white grapes will begin taking on a progressively lighter yellowish green […]

The Willsboro Report- 7/26/12

Dry Weather: Things are speeding right along here in Willsboro.  The dry conditions have been keeping the disease populations down.  After a rainless month, we are starting to see some precipitation.  We have recorded close to 1.5” over the past week, the majority of which came during an incredible rain event Monday evening. Vigorous Growth: […]

Willsboro/Champlain Report 7/13

Kevin Iungerman, Northeast NY Fruit Program Photo caption:  Frontenac at Willsboro The continuing dry conditions and heat do not yet appear to be impacting most vineyards in the region, particularly in the Champlain, but for locations to the south to Albany County, which may sit on ledge or especially droughty soils we are beginning to […]

Willsboro Report 6-21

The Willsboro Report- 6/21/12 Hello!  Thank you for checking in on the start to a weekly blog covering the status of the Willsboro Variety Trials located on the Cornell Baker Farm in Willsboro, NY.  My name is Josh Kowalski and I am the new Field Research Technician.  My duties are to oversee the vineyard under […]

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