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Tom Zabadal’s series of grape training, trellising, tying videos

I’d like to call your attention to a series of instructional videos on vineyard establishment, pruning and tying, done by Tom Zabadal at Michigan State University.  This series of 38 videos (!) covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of establishing different training systems, tying grapevines, and trellis construction, all presented in a careful ‘step-by-step’ format.  These […]

News You Can Use: 2016 Northern Grapes Symposium

2016 Northern Grapes Symposium March 2016 The 2016 Northern Grapes Symposium was hosted by the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Conference on February 24th in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Nine Northern Grapes Project team members lead six sessions, encompassing all four of the projects’ objectives.   Some of the talks focused on results of specific research projects, such […]

December 8 Northern Grapes Webinar: “The Big Chill: Cold Acclimation and Recovery from Spring Frost in Grapes in New York”

                    Tim Martinson                                 Jason Londo Cornell University                           USDA-ARS Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 12:00 Noon Eastern (11:00 am Central) 7:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Central) Cold-hardy grapes are grown in climates where spring frost often occur, and where tolerance to mid-winter cold is necessary; the […]

Status of the Second Crop – June 29

In my previous post on June 15, secondary shoots were just starting to emerge in our Marquette and Frontenac training trial at Clayton. Chrislyn Particka and I visited again on Monday, June 29, to check on progress and do some counting of shoots and clusters. 1. “Second Crop” just starting to bloom. Some shoots were […]

After the Freeze: The Second Crop

By Tim Martinson The May 22-23 spring frost that occurred in the Thousand Islands region (and in other parts of NY) killed off many primary shoots and clusters – when they were out 4-6 inches in many cases. Now, three weeks later on June 15, we see a fairly full complement of shoots, especially on […]

Veraison to Harvest 2014 Issue #1

2014 Veraison to Harvest Issue #1 (pdf)   In this issue… Welcome to Veraison to Harvest (Martinson & Gerling) Around New York (Martinson, Haggerty, O’Connell, Wise & Tarleton, Walter-Peterson) 2014 Lake Erie Concord Update (Bates) Anna Wallis Joins the Eastern NY Horticulture Program (Martinson) Fruit Maturation Report – 8/29/2014 Fruit Samples for the Northern Grapes […]

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