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Prebloom approaches: Disease Management Important

  Wild grapes (left) are in full bloom in the Finger Lakes.  They may be slightly behind in  Northern New York, but not by much. They typically bloom from 7 to 10 days before most cultivated grapes, and wild grape bloom (Vitis riparia shown here) is an important signal for grape growers for two reasons: […]

Phylloxera on Frontenac – Management options

Last week I observed the first phylloxera galls on Frontenac, with shoots out 4-6 inches and 3-4 leaves.  These galls each contain a single female phylloxera that came out of an egg overwintering in bark crevices on the trunk.  As the gall matures, the female (attached to the leaf inside the gall) will lay eggs […]

New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Grapes 2013

The 2013 version of the  New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Grapes is available online or in a print version (order here).  This is the official guide to fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, as well as pesticide safety, target pests, and a host of other information. The print version ($25) can be ordered online, and I […]

Current Situation – 7/27/2012

Vine Development: Significant rainfall last week should reduce concerns about drought stress, and cooler temperatures slowed GDD accumulation (see below).  Marquette is just at the start of veraison, and leads other varieties such as Frontenac (just barely starting) and La Crescent.  As we pass through veraison, grapes soften and change color (even whites change a […]

Current Situation July 13, 2012

Current Situation July 13, 2012 Vine Development:    Dry weather continues, with further risk of water stress on vines.  Rain forecast for sunday and tuesday may moderate conditions.  Signs of water stress include leaves that are hot to the touch,  leaves that point downward instead of aligning themselves with the sun, and yellowing or drying […]

Current Situation 6-29

Current Situation June 29, 2012 Thanks to Coyote Moon Vineyards for hosting the June 25th Field Day. Vine Development:  Fruit should be past fruit set and (for tight clustered varieties such as marquette) toward ‘bunch closure’.  This is the time to consider additional canopy management options. Leaf Removal. For VSP (vertical shoot position):  Early leaf […]

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