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Veraison to Harvest Issue 1 – 2017

  September 8, 2016 2017 Veraison to Harvest #1 In this issue… Around New York  (Martinson, Trimber,  Weigle, Wise, Meyers ) CLEREL Lake Erie Concord Berry Curve (Bates) The What, How, and Why of Sample Analysis (Gerling) Fruit Composition Report 9/5/2017 (Team) – First full set of samples Please Participate in Our Online NEWA […]

Lime Sulfur and Anthracnose

March 30, 2017 Anthracnose is a disease that I have seen mostly in new plantings of Cold-hardy cultivars in New York.  I happen to think that the conditions for it to spread and take hold (warm, humid springs) are more common farther south than here in NY, but it has appeared in several vineyards here […]

Veraison to Harvest Issue #1

    September 2, 2016 2016 Veraison to Harvest #1 In this issue… Around New York  (Martinson, Walter-Peterson,  Haggerty, Wise, O’Connell & Wallis ) CLEREL Lake Erie Concord Report (Bates) Lake Erie Grape Program Hosts “Cover Cropping in Concord Vineyards”  Workshop (Alex Koeberle Fruit Composition Report 8/22/2016 (Team) – Featuring just Northern Grape cultivars […]

Fruit Composition of Marquette, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, La Crescent, St Croix on 8/22/2016

We collected our first samples from Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, La Crescent, Marquette, and St Croix on 8/22/2016.  Starting next week we will begin posting these in our publication Veraison to Harvest. Samples were collected from the Thousand Islands (Clayton), Champlain (Willsboro trial), and the Finger Lakes (various locations).  Each week when we post Veraison to […]

Veraison to Harvest Features Northern NY Information

Our weekly Veraison to Harvest newsletter begins its annual weekly run today. A collaborative project of the Statewide Viticulture and Enology programs, and regional Lake Erie, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Northern NY, and Long Island grape extension programs,  Veraison to Harvest features weekly fruit maturity sampling, and articles updating vineyard conditions and harvest activity throughout […]

Status of the Second Crop – June 29

In my previous post on June 15, secondary shoots were just starting to emerge in our Marquette and Frontenac training trial at Clayton. Chrislyn Particka and I visited again on Monday, June 29, to check on progress and do some counting of shoots and clusters. 1. “Second Crop” just starting to bloom. Some shoots were […]

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