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2015 Grape Disease Control

black rotEach year, Dr. Wayne Wilcox, plant pathologist at Cornell University, publishes a comprehensive summary of fungal diseases that grape growers in the Eastern US encounter. The document includes fungal resistance, in-depth information about individual diseases, and a “putting it all together” section. It’s packed with great information:


2 Responses to “ 2015 Grape Disease Control ”

  • Michael Spiak

    Hello Tim….Mike Spiak here from Fossil Stone Vineyards in Greenfield NY. My heart goes out to all those in the Thousand Island region. For what it’s worth, I too was unpleasantly surprised by a frost that killed 90% of my Marquette (VSP) on the 22nd. I’m in Greenfield NY and my farm sits at an elevation of 642′ MSL. My LaCrescent loss was about 10% which is trained TWC. Don’t know if this helps in your monitoring but just thought you should know.


    Thanks for your comment, Mike. Hope your vines are recovering. See my latest post.

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