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December 16 Webinar: Sulfur Residues in Vineyard and Winery

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The Northern Grapes Project Webinar Series

“Stuck on You – Sulfur Spray Residues in the Vineyard and Winery”

 Gavin Webinar

Chris Gerling, Gavin Sacks, and Jillian Jastrzembski of Cornell University are teaming up to bring you this webinar on sulfur residues.  In addition to must nutritional deficiencies, yeast metabolism of elemental sulfur (S) residues represents a well-understood pathway for formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S, “rotten egg” aroma) during fermentation. Although S sprays are widely used for controlling powdery mildew, wine grape growers are often encouraged to avoid S-sprays near harvest as a point of caution to decrease the potential risk of excess H2S formation. This webinar will review i) recommendations for maximum S residues pre-fermentation, ii) winery-appropriate methods for S-residue measurement, and ii) the effects of spray formulation/rate, spray cessation date, and post-harvest decisions (e.g. skin contact, clarification) on S-residues. Recent data indicating a correlation between S-spray residues and formation of H2S post-bottling will also be discussed.

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