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Veraison to Harvest 2014 Issue #1

2014 Veraison to Harvest Issue #1 (pdf)


In this issue…

  • Welcome to Veraison to Harvest (Martinson & Gerling)
  • Around New York (Martinson, Haggerty, O’Connell, Wise & Tarleton, Walter-Peterson)
  • 2014 Lake Erie Concord Update (Bates)
  • Anna Wallis Joins the Eastern NY Horticulture Program (Martinson)
  • Fruit Maturation Report – 8/29/2014
  • Fruit Samples for the Northern Grapes Project (Particka & Martinson)
  • Brix Measurements at Willsboro (Wallis & Pashow)
Veraison to Harvest is published weekly from September – October, and features weekly updates on fruit composition, harvest and winemaking issues across NY State.



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