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Willsboro NY Grape Variety Planting in 6th year

by Tim Martinson

Willsboro 2009

The Willsboro grape variety planting, on Cornell’s Baker Farm within view of Lake Champlain, continues for its sixth year.  Twenty-five different cultivars, including Minnesota named varieties and numbered selections, Elmer Swenson varieties, and other hybrids are planted there.

I visited the Willsboro planting on my way back from our ‘NE-1020 and Northern Grapes Project’ variety x site wine evaluation program in Burlington Vermont on July 17th.

Lindsay Pashow (left) has been taking care of the vineyard,  from dormant pruning last winter to canopy management and spraying this year.  She is collecting data on phenology, bud injury, and yield/fruit composition, and will manage the harvest. Fruit from selected varieties will be vinified at the Station as part of the Northern Grapes Project, with the rest distributed among a dedicated group of volunteers that, since planting in 2007, have worked with the CCE commercial fruit program to help out with vineyard tasks.   I also met Anna Wallis, new tree fruit and vineyard specialist with the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program on her very first day on the job.

Anna Wallis and Lindsay Pashow



2 Responses to “ Willsboro NY Grape Variety Planting in 6th year ”

  • Richard Lamoy

    The Willsboro vineyard at the Baker Farm was planted in 2005 and is currently in it’s 9th growing season. The vines are now pretty mature and have been a very valuable resource to have for the new growers in the area. Hopefully we can integrate the vineyard into new programs. Thanks to all who have been involved over the years.


    Thanks Richard for the correction. I should say its in its 7th data collection year, since the vines reached maturity and started being cropped.

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