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July “News You can Use”: Vineyard Floor Management

News You Can Use

by Chrislyn Particka

Vineyard Floor Management

Justine floor management photo









Under-vine cover crop treatments (Justine Vanden Heuvel and Lindsay Jordan) at Cornell University. 

Weeds can compete with grapes for water, nutrients, and sunlight, and new growers often ask for advice in creating an effective weed management program for their vineyards.  Competition from weeds can be especially deleterious in the first year or two after planting, soan effective weed control program is important early on.

Most growers aim to have a vegetation-free strip under the vines; however, research by Justine Vanden Heuvel at Cornell University is looking at using under-vine cover crops as a method to reduce excessive vine vigor, which can be a significant problem in cold-hardy hybrids.  Included in this News You Can Use is a link to the February 12, 2013 Vineyard Floor Management webinar by Justine and Harlene Hatterman-Valenti of North Dakota State University.  Justine discusses the under-vine cover crop work, and Harlene covers more traditional methods of weed control in vineyards, and has a “What herbicide caused this damage?” quiz at the end.

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