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Fruit Composition from Richard Lamoy’s Training Trial

Tim Martinson

Richard Lamoy, owner of Hid-in-Pines vineyard near Plattsburgh, NY, has established a training trial, with assistance from the SARE grower grant program.  He is comparing fruit development and yield on four different training systems: 1) Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP), 2) Top Wire Cordon,  3) Modified Geneva Double Curtain (GDC – a horizontally-divided canopy), and 4) Scott Henry (a vertically divided canopy.   Here are his results for four varieties included in the trial.  ‘MN1200’ is a numbered variety, not yet formally released, from the University of Minnesota.

Table. Brix, berry weight, and pH on June 16 at Hid-in-Pines Vineyard


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