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Grower Fruit Sample Results – Form for Reporting

Tim Martinson: The Northern Grapes Project invites you to submit results of your fruit maturity sampling.  We have developed an online survey form that should make it easy to do. Click on this link: And fill in brix, pH, and TA (if you have it) for different varieties sampled on your farm. We will […]

Willsboro fruit samples – August 22

Josh Kowalski Here are most recent brix readings from the Willsboro variety trial: .  

Fruit Composition from Richard Lamoy’s Training Trial

Tim Martinson Richard Lamoy, owner of Hid-in-Pines vineyard near Plattsburgh, NY, has established a training trial, with assistance from the SARE grower grant program.  He is comparing fruit development and yield on four different training systems: 1) Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP), 2) Top Wire Cordon,  3) Modified Geneva Double Curtain (GDC – a horizontally-divided canopy), […]

Willsboro and Champlain Report 8-16-2012

Josh Kowalski and Kevin Iungerman Phytotoxicity trial: After three sulfur and copper sprays (7/18/12, 7/26/12, 8/2/12), a negative response to the sulfur application was observed on two varieties: Sabrevois and Louise Swenson.  See the picture below of the leaves on the Louise Swenson curling from the burn of the sulfur.           […]

Current Situation – August 2, 2012

Vine Development: Northern cultivars are in the midst of Veraison this week, and expected to complete veraison by next week (see Zac Shirk scouting report below).  At the Willsboro farm grape planting,  veraison appears to be ‘on track’ with what we saw in 2010.  By now, we will have reached the end of the ‘active […]

Willsboro Report 8/2/12

Verasion: Last week some of the earliest varieties started to undergo verasion, the beginning of the berry maturation process, as berries enlarge, begin to soften, and coloration begins, as the process of internal chemical and sugar composition changes get underway. While less noticeable, even white grapes will begin taking on a progressively lighter yellowish green […]