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Current Situation – 7/27/2012

Vine Development: Significant rainfall last week should reduce concerns about drought stress, and cooler temperatures slowed GDD accumulation (see below).  Marquette is just at the start of veraison, and leads other varieties such as Frontenac (just barely starting) and La Crescent.  As we pass through veraison, grapes soften and change color (even whites change a […]

The Willsboro Report- 7/26/12

Dry Weather: Things are speeding right along here in Willsboro.  The dry conditions have been keeping the disease populations down.  After a rainless month, we are starting to see some precipitation.  We have recorded close to 1.5” over the past week, the majority of which came during an incredible rain event Monday evening. Vigorous Growth: […]

Current Situation July 20, 2012

Vine Development: Dry weather continues, with further risk of water stress on vines. The rain that was forecasted for this past week didn’t pan out; only 0.04” were recorded at Watertown, with just 0.16” for the month of July. As Tim said last week, signs of water stress include leaves that are hot to the […]

Current Situation July 13, 2012

Current Situation July 13, 2012 Vine Development:    Dry weather continues, with further risk of water stress on vines.  Rain forecast for sunday and tuesday may moderate conditions.  Signs of water stress include leaves that are hot to the touch,  leaves that point downward instead of aligning themselves with the sun, and yellowing or drying […]

Willsboro/Champlain Report 7/13

Kevin Iungerman, Northeast NY Fruit Program Photo caption:  Frontenac at Willsboro The continuing dry conditions and heat do not yet appear to be impacting most vineyards in the region, particularly in the Champlain, but for locations to the south to Albany County, which may sit on ledge or especially droughty soils we are beginning to […]

Grape Disease Control – 2012

Our grape pathologist Dr. Wayne Wilcox produces an annual review of disease biology, new fungicides, and spray programs called Grape Disease Control 2012 (this year’s version).  It incorporates information from his numerous annual fungicide spray timing and material trials. At 40 pages, this is something that you won’t absorb all at once, but it provides […]

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